The Stuart Knight Show

A Powerful Conversation with Laura Beauparlant

April 12, 2019

In her 20 years as a designer and 14 years as an entrepreneur, Laura has learned that aligning purpose with brand design is the key to success in business. She prides herself in finding fun and creative solutions to help aspiring and established entrepreneurs become happy, confident and prosperous business owners.

Laura says her business is built on the solid relationships she has created and fostered with clients and suppliers. At the end of the day, she is a people person. She loves to create chemistry with the people in her life and the most important element in fostering those relationships is communication. She listens attentively, coaches directly, and understands profoundly.

Laura is also an award-winning public speaker, offering inspirational and passion-filled presentations on branding and design to small business owners and entrepreneurs.

Toronto is Laura's home, but the world is her inspiration.

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